How to Paint the Roof?- Roof Painting Tips & Guide

How to Paint the Roof?- Roof Painting Tips & GuideThe house roof cannot be ignored as it protects you from numerous weather conditions throughout the year. However, it is also to tear and wear down if proper care is not taken. It is the roof’s strength, stability, and resilience that tells how strong the house is, just like its foundations.

And, yet, it is surprising to see that people ignore roof maintenance and repair. They allow the moulds, dirt, and impurities to build up. All these together cause damage to the roof as well as the house consequently. Therefore, to protect it from the sun and sun damages, there are several measures for you to adopt. However, to protect it from water, you must paint your roof.

How to Paint Roof?

Start With Inspection- Exterior & Interior
Before painting your roof, you need first to check the roof and analyze what areas need your attention. Look for areas that need repairs and need to repaint. Check it from the outer and the inner regions and not miss out on any area.

Roof Cleaning & Sterilization
The next step is to clean and sterilize the roof to make sure that you eliminate the possibility of any mould or mildew, or other roof damaging elements.

Sealant Application
A roof is incomplete without applying a sealant. It will help prevent water from entering the crevices in the roof of your house and bring other respective damages.

Right Roof Coating Selection
Choose the right coating for your roof. Each individual has its own set of requirements in case of choosing the layer. Acrylic, Silicone, Asphalt, or Polyurethane- choose at your own will.
Roof Paint Application
Now you can paint your roof with your choice of colour and with the method of application that you believe fits you and your needs.

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